The Evangelist's Podcast
Glen Scrivener and Andy Brinkley explore issues regarding spreading the most important message.


Revival is a long-standing evangelistic charity with a proud history. For more than 60 years we have been lifting high the name of Jesus in Great Britain and beyond.

Founded in 1952 by evangelist Eric Hutchings, we began life as The Hour of Revival Evangelistic Association. Watch “The Hour Advancing” to get a feel for Hutchings’ powerful ministry. One of Eric’s catch-phrases was “Evangelism through revived Christians.” This is the essence of our work: to revive Christians, resource the church and reach the world with the good news of Jesus.

60 years on and we’re still passionate about helping the church to reach a lost world. We do this through preaching, through training believers, through the media, through regular publications and through prayer.

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