Radio can whip up hatred; inflaming and impassioning almost an entire nation. But countering such broadcasts with messages of reconciliation can make a significant difference. Radio provides all the information, education or entertainment people in thousands of communities seek and receive. It is also well-placed to promote love and forgiveness.

Feba’s Baraka FM in Mombasa, Kenya, demonstrated the positive effect of reconciliation and forgiveness following the bloody post-election conflict in early 2008. Using a talk-show format, they brought together Muslim and Christian religious leaders and human rights activists. At the height of the Kenyan troubles, Baraka FM’s morning show appealed to listeners to forgive and support each other, rather than perpetuate bitterness.

One practical way in which listeners responded was to contact the station during an acute food shortage to provide information about shops and areas where essential food and cooking fuel could be found. Baraka FM staff found this to be a point of healing and reconciliation. Thus Christian radio provides an alternative to politically biased ‘hate media’ that promotes intolerance and incites ethnic violence.

Source: FEBA

BIBLE STUDY: 2 Corinthians 13:11

PRAISE: God for the positive role of Christian radio, both proclaiming Christ as Saviour, and promoting the peace of God that passes all understanding.