The speed of evangelical Christianity’s growth in Ethiopia is becoming faster than almost anywhere else around the world. In the 1994 census just a little under 10% of the Ethiopian population was evangelical. But only 13 years later, in 2007, almost 19% of Ethiopia was recorded as evangelical in the census. This means, that the proportion of evangelical Christians has almost doubled in Ethiopia in 13 years!

Evangelical churches are being built everywhere, in every town and every village. The churches and their media products have also created a growing and flourishing music and video industry. The two main anti-evangelical resistant populations in Ethiopia have always been the Tigre-Ethiopians and the Somali-Ethiopians, but brave missionaries are now going to them too!

For centuries the dominant religious forces have been Orthodox Christians and Sunni Islam. But, if evangelicals continue their current growth trends, they could be the majority religion in Ethiopia by 2042!

Source: Timma Times, Ethiopia

BIBLE STUDY: Revelation 21:3-5

PRAISE: God that Ethiopia is responding to Christ. Pray that it may be a true and faithful Church.


  • david

    Too bad the evangelical Christians continue to show little to no respect for His Apostolic Church