In just 3 days, at the end of November 2011, first in Jerusalem, then in  Haifa, more than 6000 Holocaust Survivors and their families – Jews  who did not know Yeshua – came from all over Israel to hear David  Hathaway demonstrate from their own Jewish Scriptures that the God of Israel sent His Son – who lived and died in Israel as a Jew – to deliver Jews like them from the fear and shame of the past, and give them a new hope for the future. These were not Messianic Jews – but unbelievers who actually asked to come to the meetings! Thousands of them came forward to receive Yeshua, and He demonstrated His love with miraculous healings.

Leaders of the Holocaust Survivors said, “We went through the Holocaust alone. Our hearts are filled with joy that in this world there are people like you who remember us who survived that hell and butchery. We have children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren – you cannot understand the effect your preaching will have on them!”

One Israeli tour guide in Israel, a born-again Messianic Jew, commented: “Christians come in their thousands… to ‘support’ Israel – they hold meetings, I take their tour groups there, but not even the greatest ‘evangelists’ reach one Israeli. The realisation of what has happened in these 3 days to my people has ‘hit’ me! Thank you for bringing Jesus to our people!”

Source: Prophetic Vision; Premier Christian Radio

BIBLE STUDY: Psalm 81:1-5

PRAISE: God for these elderly Jewish people, who  suffered the unthinkable and who, in their twilight years,  have heard the call of Jesus their Messiah.


  • Marlene

    This is such wonderful news!
    Been praying for Israel, it is so good to see prophecy coming into reality.
    God is truly good!

  • Zachor

    I have carefully investigated these claims from David Hathway and have concluded that they are not true.

    Have a look at:

    Please read the comments as well as the main articles.

    • admin

      Hello Zachor, thanks for your comment. We did contact David Hathaway’s organisation to get their response, and this is what they said:

      We are aware that some people have taken issue with the meetings we held in Israel. Some people do not believe that the meetings actually occurred, whilst others don’t accept elements of what was reported. In the latest edition of Prophetic Vision, David Hathaway’s magazine, we publish reports written by other people on the services, including letters by the various Holocaust survivor groups. The meetings are also available to watch on our website: All I can suggest is that people read the reports and watch the meetings for themselves.

      I do know that some of the people who attended the Israel meetings in November have responded to the original open letter to Brenda Taylor. The responses confirmed what we originally wrote about the services.

      We have no desire to get involved in arguments over the meetings.

      It seems that whilst there may be a measure of misrepresentation of the meetings (from the very particular analysis to Brenda Taylor), the best course of action would be to watch the meetings online and make a personal appraisal.

  • Zachor

    Hello admin,

    I have the latest edition of Prophetic Vision and have also watched all three meetings online. I’d suggest you do this yourself.

    Hathaway’s message is so devoid of gospel content that any response the audience makes to it cannot be considered as coming to faith in Jesus (Yeshua) – how can they believe when they have not heard? In addition, Hathaway is a highly manipulative speaker, and his oratory basically produces herd-like behavior in the audience which is similar to the way people responded at communist party rallies – not surprising as they were immigrants from the former soviet union.

    In addition, the attendance figures given (such as the 6000 you quoted) are hugely exaggerated and are far beyond the capacity of the venues he use – I have researched this carefully and it is confirmed by the videos.

    Hathaway’s meetings were attended by Russian-speaking immigrants who were not Jewish. I suspect many were already Christians of some sort. Jewish people in general, and Holocaust survivors in particular, are very anti-Christian and simply would not go to hear an evangelist.

    I have also contacted a number of people in Israel that are closely involved with churches and messianic congregations over there. They are all agreed that the stories are false. One of the most compelling reasons for this is that if thousands of Jewish Holocaust survivors became believers as Hathaway claimed, the news would be all over the country within 24 hours, and would be picked up by the media. There have been no reports, and no sudden influx of new believers.

    The comments from people who attended the meetings are full of holes and absolutely do not confirm Hathaway’s reports.

    I have therefore concluded that the following are not true:

    * The attendance figures
    * The type of people who attended
    * The numbers who came to faith

    So there’s not really much left. Yes, Hathaway held three meetings in Israel in November. Yes, people came, but they were not Jewish holocaust survivors and the numbers were far less than Hathaway claims. Yes, people stood up, but that almost certainly wasn’t because they had come to faith in Jesus, and these people have disappeared and are not flooding into Israeli congregations.

    I would therefore advise people not to donate money to Hathaway as he is circulating false stories. I stand by what I’ve written, and if he feels that it is not true, he is welcome to take legal action against me.

    I’d also encourage you to take a more discerning approach when it comes to repeating fantastic stories of revival that have no relation to reality. Anyone involved in Jewish outreach will tell you that what Hathaway describes is just pure fiction.