Big Questions: Sex & Sexuality – The Evangelist’s Podcast 11

By on Jun 6, 2013 | 1 comment

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Sex and Sexuality can raise lots of questions in talking to people about Jesus.  How do we approach this controversial subject, whilst keeping to the core of the message?

Join Glen Scrivener and Andy Brinkley as they look at the ‘Big Question’ of Sex & Sexuality.

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  • Patrick Woodward


    Well done for this. A good go at a difficult and controversial subject. I did wonder whether you “glossed over” some of the more difficult debates around this issue, eg what about Christians who are in gay relationships, gay marriage etc, but nevertheless it was a refreshing look at things, which helpfully cut across some peripheral issues and kept to the main point.

    This is a nice series which I enjoy listening to. If you ever need anything voiced……!


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