Atheism 1 of 4: Different Kinds of Atheism – The Evangelist’s Podcast 17

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There’s more than one type of Atheism! Last month, reported on a questionnaire with over 1100 participants, and they found 6 different types of Atheist:

  1. Academic – 37% – Educated, often belonging to sceptic society, freethinking groups, read books on non-belief and might well be somewhat versed in theology
  2. Activist – 23% – evangelistic atheists, seek promotion of secularism, etc
  3. Agnostic (Seeker) – 7.6% – embrace uncertainty
  4. Antitheist – 15% – religion is bad, they want to find the cure.
  5. Non-theist – 4% – just not bothered
  6. Ritual Atheist – 12.5% – yoga but also Atheist Church: live better, help often, wonder more.

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