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"I want 'in' on Jesus..."

John knew he had heard enough.  It was time to make a choice

“I want ‘in’ on Jesus.”

ohn knew he had made a choice.  This was a big one. He wanted ‘in’ on Jesus, he wanted to become a Christian.

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We're a non-profit organization, bringing the truth of the good news about Jesus to people all over the world. We’re passionate about helping the church to reach the world. We do this through preaching, through training believers, through the media, through regular publications and through prayer.

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We've a story to tell.

If you wanted to tell your friends and family about the Lord, how would you do it? Sometimes we fear saying the wrong thing, or saying too much. Or maybe we just don't share our faith.

Revival has a long standing history in Evangelism, and encouraging Christian to share their faith.

Our vision is to see Christian's actively sharing their faith in a genuine and personal way.

How do we do that?


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Scripture verse about preaching

Throughout the year, Glen Scrivener is invited to speak all over the country, and Europe, proclaiming Jesus


Glen Speaking at CUs round the country.


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