About Jesus

Some people have stood tall in human history and gained a big following. Some people have claimed to be God walking planet earth. Jesus is the only person to belong to both those categories. In the history of the world no-one has made the kinds of claims Jesus made and been believed - by billions! Could he really be who he said he was? If he is, then he gives a unique angle on God, the world and ourselves. This video is about exploring that truth...

This is life according to Jesus

3 God is a loving union of THREE

2 The world is shaped by TWO representatives

1 You are ONE with Adam. Be ONE with Jesus.

If you want to explore any of those points further, here's where we delve a little deeper

Perhaps you have questions about Christianity.  Like...

Does God even exist?

Does Science disprove the Bible?

What happens when we die?

How can a God of love send people to hell?

Why is there so much suffering?

Aren't all religions basically the same?

Are you ready to receive Christ for yourself? Listen to Christ's invitation in one of these sermons and call on his name...

Jesus Baptism

Jesus Calling

Where are you in the story?

Dear Father, Thank you for your love. Thank you for my life.

I admit there are things in me that go against your love. I confess to selfishness and sin and I am sorry.

Thank you for sending Jesus to live our life and to die our death. Thank you that he rose again to offer me new life.

I now receive Jesus into my life. I trust him to be my Rescuer and Ruler and I want to walk with him from now on. Please send your Holy Spirit into my life to bring me your unfailing love and presence. Help me to find a church where I can live out this new life in Christ.

In Jesus' name, Amen."

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