Revival was founded in 1952 as The Hour of Revival Evangelistic Association, by evangelist Dr Eric Hutchings.

After his conversion to Christ, Eric Hutchings, a legal claims officer with a large insurance company, spent his spare time preaching around his native Manchester. In 1947 he left the security of his job and came to Eastbourne to set up British Youth for Christ. He founded the Hour of Revival Association in 1952 when he led his first area wide rally in Hastings. Until the early 1970s large rallies were held in many centres in Britain, Europe, USA and South Africa.

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‘The Hour Advancing’ was a promotional film for the Hour of Revival, made in the ’60’s and was shown in Churches prior to a Campaign.

It features Betty Lou Mills, John Grant, and of course Eric Hutchings!

See The Hour Advancing.

The first radio programmes

In October 1953 the first radio programme was aired – from Radio Monte Carlo. This radio ministry later developed to encompass the world.

Evidence for Truth

After Eric Hutchings’ death in 1982. Dr. Victor Pearce became Executive Director and brought his own unique ministry of Evidence for Truth, showing by many proofs that science does not contradict the Bible. ¬†Look here for books written by Victor Peace. Victor Pearce died at the age of 97 in August 2010.

A New Beginning

Ian Milmine, Revival's General SecretaryIn 1995 Ian Milmine was appointed General Secretary in an effort to separate themanagerial functions from the development of the ministry. Thus, Victor Pearce was freed to devote his full attention to Evidence for truth, while attempts were directed at expanding broadcasts in the UK on both Christian and secular radio, within the framework of a more overtly evangelistic ministry.

In June 1995 our Between the Lines (then Best Seller) commenced on Premier Radio London. From 24th March – 20th April 1996 our studios became Hope FM, a Christian community radio station broadcasting the gospel as part of a mission to Eastbourne organised by the Eastbourne Evangelical Alliance. Our Christmas gospel radio adverts covered all of Sussex; these are now expanded to the whole of the UK, with hugely encouraging response.

“New” Name
The working name “Revival” was adopted on February 1st, 1998, in order to give the ministry a more “contemporary” feel, whilst retaining the essential purpose of the work.


Revival has been at the forefront of new technological advances, using these to advance the Gospel. Podcasting, and the internet are  growing parts of the ministry.