Love Africa is a ministry of Revival, a Christian organisation based in Eastbourne, UK.

Revival was founded in 1952 as an evangelistic organisation, and soon began to produce radio programmes for broadcast to the UK and overseas.  After decades of short wave broadcasting to Africa, we decided that we needed to develop closer links with our audiences, and to consider their material as well as spiritual needs.

So the idea for Love Africa was born.  We contacted people and organisations we already knew of in Malawi, Kenya and Uganda and in October 2004 our General Secretary, Ian Milmine, visited all three countries.

As a result we decided to concentrate our efforts on Malawi, by supporting children at the Maoni Orphanage near Blantyre, and a work with two pastors in Mzuzu who run a school, a Bible school, and a work in prisons and among widows.  We also placed our Abundant Life radio programme on a national network of FM radio stations operated by Trans World Radio.

We continue to provide regular modest support to contacts in Kenya and Uganda.

Several members of staff at Revival are involved with the projects on a day to day basis, and some of us have visited Africa at different times.

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