Life Bible College

In Mzuzu, Northern Malawi, a group of pastors with a Godly vision and committed hearts are showing it IS possible to change lives. With just £450 support per month from us, they:

  • Run a Secondary school for 200 pupils
  • Provide support for widows and orphans in their area
  • Support evangelism and education of inmates in 5 Malawi prisons
  • Are developing 3 agricultural training projects for local farmers with Ministry of Agriculture advice
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The team is led by Pastor Thomson Chirwa. Thomson is a busy and active servant of God!

He is always thinking up new ways to serve those under his care, and to reach out to those in need.

Currently he is planning to plant maize on some recently-acquired land. This will be a great asset in these times of rising food prices, as he will be able to help feed the widows.  If you would like to support him in this project- he needs to raise just over £300 – please go the donate page on this site or contact us at Revival.

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