W. Kenya

In Western Kenya, Pastor Evans Sira Sira and his school-teacher wife Mary…

Evans is chaplain to 300 primary and 37 secondary schools. They care for several orphans in their home. One orphan, Margaret, has completed a course in communication technology and is now employed. Evans has just made a first payment on a plot of land to be used to provide food and income for orphans and trainee chaplains.

In a recent e-mail Evans says we are very thankful and appreciate your love for me, my family and ministry. The Lord is blessing my ministry in the church, in the schools, and in the Youth rallies and youth camps.Both of us are preachers  and teachers of the word of God. All evangelists and Prayer warriors.

We are sometimes invited to teach the word of God in the Christian fellowships. Mary is both a preacher, a teacher of the Bible, and singer, so she has her choir Team. From August 15 to August 18, Mary will be speaking in a women’s conference, and from August 25 to August 30, Mary will be serving as one of the conference speakers in Butere Town. The Lord sometimes blesses Mary with more preaching grounds in the conferences as a speaker than me her husband. However, I do more school visitations than Mary.

Please continue to pray for our ministry in Kenya. Many youths are being saved in our ministry to schools and we praise the Lord for all this.

Please pray that we may have a car for the MINISTRY.”

They receive only £50 per month from us

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