W. Uganda

In Western Uganda, pastor Amos Mukasa and his wife Perry are helping people in their communities to find purpose and future.

Amos and Perry work in schools and church youth groups, training young people to be strong in their faith. They are involved in “ABC” AIDS awareness education. Amos and Perry care for 4 orphans – spending £150 per term on school fees

In a recent e-mail, Amos says:

“Generally we have been doing broad exposure of youths in schools in the region, but now we have identified four prominent high schools, namely:

Mbarara High school – Mbarara
Kashaka Girls S.S.S. – Near Bushenyi,
Bishop Ogez S.S.S. – near Kasese, and
Hornby High School – Kabale

Where we have agreed with the schools Administration to train Patrons, Chaplains and student Leaders in the Life At Cross Roads curriculum so that they can be able to sensitize their schools and other institutions plus their surrounding communities about the need for Character Transformation and Abstinence in our effort to combat AIDS and HIV.”

Again, they receive only £50 per month from us

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